In our post dedicated to the influence of Pre-Raphaelite style in the field of interior design, we remembered how the search for beauty and the elation of the past can give shape to new fascinating and efficient forms of expression.

Similar inspiration can be found in the Haute Couture 2015/2016 collection by Valentino. The high fashion house, lead by the creativity of Pierpaolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri (who, through this collection, put her name to one of her last collections for Valentino before switching to Dior as their Creative Director) was meant to celebrate the four hundredth anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare through sought-after and rich pieces of clothing with a cross-reference to the Elizabethan age.

Just as Dante Gabriel Rossetti, Jane Burden and William Holman Unt offered an alternative to the dominant culture of the 19th century in paintings that recalled an embellished and softened past, Valentino’s stylists found their charming inspiration in the clothes of the 16th century.

The result are clothes with an undisputable artistic value that take us back to the streets of the London during the time of the Globe Theatre and Queen Elizabeth I, but cleverly revised and enriched in a successful celebration of beauty.


The search for references to a fantastic past has become increasingly popular in the world of indoor decoration, as we explained in the Reverb trend, in Cross Design Magazine 2016/2017.

The metals with warm hues, the most in-demand textile materials and the audacious shapes of furnishing items create ambiances that make their dwellers dream, across bridges towards a past that marries the contemporaneity of the technical reliability of the materials used.

The Portraits collection, strongly inspired by the Reverb trend, has the characteristics of a wall poster and a desire to live in functional spaces able to tell fascinating tales. The technical resistance of stone-effect porcelain stoneware intertwines with the traditions and culture of 7 places rich in the materials of inspiration.