Every art object, every finishing tells a tale. It is the tale of its origin, of the materials it is made of, of the people that have given it shape by means of their own skills.

The story of “Where material becomes culture”: traditions and peculiar features that can transform any environment into a space that is full of meaning.

Where material becomes culture wishes to pay the greatest tribute possible to nature, on one part, and the creative genius of human beings, on the other. We may be talking about a particular body that brings out the substantial nature of porcelain stoneware or of a small processing detail that enhances the beauty of a handcrafted object.

In the Where material becomes culture column of Storytiling, you will find stories of production departments, biographies of particularly important figures in the field of interior design and detailed accounts for understanding, in the deepest manner possible, the objects that surround us. All these aspects are examined with particular attention towards the culture and values of who works to make our living spaces what they are.